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  • Pig Roasts

    PIG ROASTS include a premium quality USDA Inspected whole pig.  The pig is seasoned with our special rub & slow roasted for a minimum of 14 hours over wood & charcoal at a grill temperature between 225-250 degrees.  All of our meats are locally raised and corn fed to ensure maximum flavor and tenderness.  We will arrive 1 hour prior to serving for the display of the pig and preparation for carving.  We supply all necessary pans and foil.  The BBQ sauce is included and served on the side.  The buns are NOT included.

  • Pig Facts

    Many of our clients ask about our wonderful pig roasts, and where we get our pigs.

    • 110 lb pig is 3-1/2 months old

    • 220 lb pig is 5 months old

    • Pigs are fed cracked corn, no antibiotics or growth hormones.

    • We deal with a local farmer and our friend, Mike Fesnke. He says the feed has the same ingredients as Special K cereal minus the milk & sugar.

    • The pigs are a 3-way mix of Hampshire, Yorkshire and Landrace breeds.

    • All of our pigs go to Lake Geneva Meats the Thursday before the party for processing and inspection.

We are all about the meat!


Beef Roasts include a 30-40 lb. steamship round, slow cooked over wood & charcoal at a grill temperature between 225-250 degrees for 4-6 hours.  Our roasts are seasoned with our special rub and thinly sliced.  Served with smoke flavored au jus.



Sweet Corn


Sweet Corn is soaked in sugar water & cooked over charcoal and served in the husk.  Corn is $1.50 per ear with any Pig or Beef Roast booking.  Availability depends upon season.


We now proudly serve BBQ Sauce by PigChaser.com!


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2019 Tekampe Pig Roasts • Burlington, WI • Jeremy Tekampe