About Us

Long before Tekampe Pig Roasts began…growing up on a farm I would help my grandpa, Art, with the yearly pig roast.  We roasted pigs the old fashioned way of course…using cinder blocks and an open fire. We roasted pigs for any family celebration.  Side by side with my grandpa and older brother, we roasted the pigs, carved them up and served.  Shortly thereafter, I joined 4-H.  With my dad, Ken, by my side, I had fun training and showing pigs.

Several years later I met a friend of mine, Duane, he taught me the art of welding farm equipment.  He also continued on my training of roasting pigs.  As the business grew, Duane and I talked about expanding.  Those conversations led to the decision of me adventuring out on my own to Wisconsin.  Being a long time resident of the Wisconsin area, this was definitely in my wheel house.

I built my first roaster in 2002.  Now, 20 years later, the business has six roasters traveling around the Wisconsin and Illinois area.

We are proud to say we are a family business “SMOKIN ‘EM UP” since 2002!

~Jeremy Tekampe, CEO


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